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Check out the new Captain Cessna EP! Remixes come from The Cataracs, Wahlström & Valiant, The Soundmen and Pet Shit Boys. The EP also includes a few tunes from our upcoming album – Wires in Love.

Buy the EP at iTunes – or listen at Spotify.

Captain Cessna is a true story from the Vietnam war (check it out here – as told by Anthony’s dad). Straight from Anthony Mills:

“My Dad never talks about his experiences in Vietnam.  On his first international trip to visit me in Stockholm he met his new grandaughter and he met Karl Gustav XVI the King of Sweden whom Super Viral Brothers was performing for.  Later that evening he told this story about “Captain Cessna” that I had never heard before.  As fate would have it, we had our final recording session the very next day and this true musical narration was born.  “Captain Cessna” is the inspirational war song dedicated to Joe Williams Jr. a veteran who never got nothing from the US Government.”


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  1. dan says:


  2. Per says:

    Bästa jag hört på länge! Slåt allt annat nu på svnska marknaden! Ska nog gå och kolla på O-baren


  3. Brett says:

    This is excellent, how can I buy it in the US?